Alok Rajasukumaran Programmer

Alok Rajasukumaran is a geek by birth who has got his hands on most of the programming languages. Believes in code and by the code, he hails. Aged 2x, he has completed his B.Tech in Computer Science.

Working as Lead-Developer, Innovation Team @ Astro-Vision FutureTech Pvt. Ltd., His expertise Range from Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Cross-Platform Mobile and Pc Apps, Migration of Mobile apps to Cross-Platform to Researching on new-born technologies.

I work with following programming languages...

C#, Java, Swift, Php, Node.js, Python, HTML, Java Script, CSS3, Jquery, Aiml, React-Js, Ajax

I work on following Technologies...

Microsoft Bot Framework, Cross-Platform Mobile Development (Xamarin, React-Native), Wordpress, Bootstrap

I work with following Databases...

Mysql, Mongo Db, Cassandra

I work with following Markup languages...

Json, XML, Bson, Gson


Am from a beautiful state in India called Kerala. I have been working on computers from my age 16. Currently fully employed with Astro-Vison FutureTech Pvt. Ltd. as Lead-Developer Innovation Team. As a part of the organisation am responsible for finding new Technologies for the company that can be used for the company to develop better software and thus improve the end user experience. Being a part of such research work, I have been working with most of the mainstream programming languages with ease.